With a pen name Adame’ has been Editorial Cartoonist for the past fifteen years with the leading Media houses in Tanzania. His experience as Cartoonist has taken him to Spain at the University of Navarra and Reuters in UK for the Graphic Journalism course. He’s currently working as a fulltime Graphic designer with Tanzania Standard Newspapers, The publishers of Daily News, Sunday News & HabariLeo. More info please call: 0713 47 42 00

Cartoon illustrated by  Gary Varvel, Editorial Cartoonist, Indianapolis Star Newspaper, Indiana, USA.

4 Responses to “ADAM PROFILE”
  1. Mazara says:

    Kaka this is very good, itasaidia sana kutunza kumbukumbu na kuwafikia watu wote ulimenguni kama ilivyo lelngo wanataaluma na wataalamu. Dunia sasa na upenu!.
    Tuangalie sasa na sebule (Animated Cartoon)

  2. I saw your website. Very nice work. I also saw a caricature of you that looked strangely familiar.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. njonjo says:

    I am doing research on blogs and I would like to send u few questions. Can u help? If you are willing please send me your email, because it is not shown in your blog. My email is “” I am njonjo mfaume, tutorial assistant at School of Journalism of the University of Dar es Salaam, and MA Journalism student at Makerere University.

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